"Mobile health vans are the best solution, as recommended by the National Rural Health Mission"




"To win the hearts of the

rural community

through professional

healthcare delivery"


"To operate 1000 Mobile Health Vans and provide free primary healthcare to 25 million Indians in rural India"


There is a lack of adequate primary health facilities for poor in rural areas. 
Mobile medical vans are the best solution as recommended by the National Rural Health Mission.


  • Rural Health Centers are critically short of trained medical personal.

  • 8% PHC's don't have doctor's.

  • 39% PHCs do not have Lab Technicians.

  • 18% PHCs do not have a Pharmacist.

  • 75% graduate doctors live in urban areas, serving only 28% of the population.

  • Mobile Medical Units are the best & most viable solution.

Ref: Taken from National Rural Health Mission Report


  • 700 million people live in 6,36,000 Indian villages.

  • Preventable and curable diseases dominate the morbidity patters of: diarrhea, measles and typhoid.

  • 66% of rural Indians do not have access to critical medicine.

  • 31% of the population travels more than 30 kms to seek healthcare in rural India.

Source: "Healthcare in Rural India" by Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Suma Prashant and Sameer Sawarkar (IITM - Chennai)

The primary healthcare services delivered by the Mobile1000 medical vans are in line with the tenets laid down by the ADCR formula

( A= Awareness, D= Diagnosis, C= Cure and R = Referral)




MANPOWER= Doctor (MBBS) + Pharmacist + Driver + Head office back-up

mobile medical van

"To win the hearts of the Rural Community through professional health care delivery"

mobile medical van - mobile1000

Logistics is implemented through Fleet Management System (GPS). A revolutionary method to deliver Health Care to Rural India with results

mobile medical van - mobile1000

“Delivering excellence in primary health at door step through Mobile Medical Units”

  • VAN - Force Motor Ltd, Traveller brand vehicle fully fabricated as an Mobile Medical Clinic, fitted with GPS.

  • MANPOWER - 1 Doctor who is MBBS qualified and MCI Registered, 1 Pharmacist who is DPharm/Bpharm qualified, 1 Driver who possess Heavy Motor Vehicle License without any police complaints.

  • PROCESSES - Each van follows the ADCR formula, A-Awareness, D-Diagnosis, C-Cure, R-Referal.

  • AUDIT - Daily reporting through attendance app, whatsapp live location tracking, Geo-fencing in GPS system, fortnightly visits by team managers to each MMU, weekly calls to village Sarpanch/head.

mobile medical van - mobile1000



1 Van = 25,000 Patients / year

Cost per patient = Rs. 140


(Below NRHM standard of Rs. 150 per patient)


Name: Ganga

Age: 15

Location: Kota, Bilaspur, Chattisgarh

Diagnosis: Lichen Planus

Sponsor: The Hans Foundation (THF)


Lichen Planus is a condition that can cause swelling and irritation in the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. On the skin, lichen planus usually appears as purplish, itchy, flat bumps that develop over several weeks. In the mouth, vagina and other areas covered by a mucous membrane, lichen planus forms lacy white patches, sometimes with painful sores.

Ganga, a resident of Anme village in Kota, was suffering from the same in her skin all over her body.  She complained of hair loss and painful sores in her mouth. After the first diagnosis at the Wockhardt Foundation- THF Mobile Medical Unit in Kota, she was given free of cost medication and counselling. Her condition is monitored regularly by the doctor and is presently under control.

Name: Rasathie

Age: 64

Location: Karvazhi, Karur, Tamil Nadu

Diagnosis: Fatigue & General Weakness, Hypertension

Sponsor: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)



64 years old Mrs. Rosathie has been visiting the Wockhardt Foundation- BPCL Mobile Medical van for the past 3 months regularly. She is suffering from Hypertension and General fatigue. Financial and social constraints have always hindered her attempts to avail quality health care check-up at private health care institutions.


Ever since the van was introduced in her village, the patient has never missed a visit. Her health has improved significantly due to regular free of cost diagnosis, medication and counselling provided by the van Doctor and his team. She thanks the MMU team for their effort and hopes this noble initiative continues.



Presently, 205 Mobile 1000 vans are operating in 21 states and 1 Union Territory across the country.





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