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Name: Janki Devi

Age: 34

Location: Bhagichora, Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand

Diagnosis: Lower Limb Dermatitis

Sponsor: The Hans Foundation (THF)


Janki devi, a resident of Bhagichora village in Pithoragarh, has been suffering from dermatitis since four years now with no visible improvement despite taking several treatments from traditional quacks. She had initially visited the local primary health center, but the center gradually became non-functional and she had to discontinue her visits. As a result, the infection was never cured.

After visiting the Wockhardt Foundation- THF Mobile Medical Unit in Pithoragarh, she followed the free of cost course of medicines and treatment on a regular basis and the infection is healing with time. She now visits the van for all minor to major ailments when in need and refers the services of the van to family and friends.


Name: Kunal

Age: 8

Location: Borvani, Dahod, Gujarat

Diagnosis: Boils & Ulcer

Sponsor: Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)



Kunal is an 8 year old resident of Borwani village in Dahod, Gujarat. Due to unsanitary and unhealthy practices at home, he is often suffering from several skin disorders, mostly boil and rashes on his feet. His parents work as daily wage labourers at a construction site nearby.

Kunal’s father has been bringing him to the Wockhardt Foundation- BPCL Mobile Medical van in their village every week for treatment. The MMU Doctor has prescribed several medicines and ointments. Kunal’s infections have subsided significantly after the first visit. In addition to prescribed medications, the van team has also been providing awareness and advocacy services to the family on sanitary and hygienic practices at home.


The beneficiary has been visiting the MMU for three months. He suffers from eye irritation, common cold, and leg cramps. He was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) due to which he suffered from continuous reflux/ acidity, sour vomitus, burning sensations in the chest. He also has leg cramps since many years now due to which he cannot walk much and has problems in sitting. The reason why he has been a beneficiary of the MMU is because he is getting the most required health care from the Van. He mentions that his health has improved after taking the services from the van. Not just him, but his other family members too are happy benefitting from the services of the van which saves not just medical expenses but also travelling expenses to the block public healthcare centres and other hospitals. The patient has been advised to avoid sun exposure, consume plenty of water, decrease salt consumption, and consume warm water before bed and maintain regular medication.

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